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Zuma Consulting

Very often, the main problems associated with restaurant sales (sales = attendance + average bill) are related to the mismatch between the conceived enterprise marketing concept and its actual execution. Our company aims to identify discrepancies and ensure their adjustment to strengthen the company’s position in the market and increase sales.

I never thought that someday I would write something like this)

Like many executives “with experience”, I’m used to be very skeptical of management consulting in the restaurant business. I am especially skeptical of promises to obtain measurable results in a short period of time. However, unlike majority of consultants, the employees of ZUMA are acting managers at a large and successful restaurant group. Their own results really led me to believe that they knew something that the majority did not know. All of the promises came true as our company received monetized consulting advice and cool technologies. Thanks to this, we very quickly recouped all costs and saw new horizons. I never thought that someday I would write something like this) Good luck!

Kirill Shlaen

General Director of Resta Management, Ekaterinburg city
A New Way of Thinking

Getting acquainted with Zuma Consulting simply turned our world upside down and expanded the boundaries. Having trusted the experience of our colleagues, we changed the menu, revised the serving sizes, and calculations. We also adjusted the prices to the desired level and established clear boundaries of the restaurant’s concept.

As a result, we were able to increase sales by 12%.

Gulnara Imaeva

Co-owner of the Gastro Gallery restaurant,
Ufa city
Maximum efficiency

We have learned new valuable methods of increasing profits. Over 3 months, we increased the earnings of the chain by 15%, and profit – by 11%. We are still in the process of implementing the proposed technologies and we continue to improve our results. We are planning to continue our collaboration with Zuma Consulting next year.

Andrey Trofimov

Owner of the «Svoya Kompaniya» chain consisting of 20 restaurants, Ekaterinburg city


What can we offer?

Consulting meetings for beginning restaurateurs. “50 questions for beginning restaurateurs”, training designed for rapid introduction of novices into the field of hospitality in order to prevent financial losses and accelerate development.

Conducting audit of companies to identify potential risks and growth areas: management, production, marketing, and personnel. The result is a clear action plan whose implementation will enable to increase profits by at least 10%.

Organization of economic and physical security service at an enterprise. According to statistics, theft accounts for loss of 10-30% of revenue at 80% of Russian restaurants. During every second field trip, we manage to identify theft schemes enabling thieves to steal from 50 to 500 thousand rubles per month.

Development of a restaurant’s concept by a third party is a great deception. The person implementing the idea must be the one developing the concept, i.e. the restaurateur himself/herself. Therefore, we provide advice on how to develop the restaurant’s concept in order for your restaurant to attract maximum demand.

Development of marketing “tricks” for a restaurant through the prism of “word of mouth matrix” (self-developed method). Development of a marketing mix and positioning program: who is our guest and what it eats? Marketing strategies for restaurants’ menus: turning menus into effective salespersons.

Development of an accounting system for key performance indicators of an enterprise: business in figures, or how to evaluate the performance of an enterprise? Application of the self-developed analytical product.

We are the developers of a platform for implementing management accounting at a restaurant. All you need to know about the performance of a restaurant can be presented on a single page in your web-browser.

Try it yourself by going to

Development of an incentive system for floor staff to increase average bills. Implementation of techniques used to increase sales.

Conducting public and corporate seminars on the topic “Marketing in the restaurant business.”

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